About T.H.A.N.K.S - The Holy and Noble Koran Society
Masjid e Hajrah & Madressah Tajweedul Quran, Religious Advice Centre and The Islamic Resources Centre are services provided by the trust since 1984 which was founded by the well known and respected Qari & scholar Imam, Shaykh, Qari Imtiaz Hussain Ajmeri hafizahullah. The respected Shaykh has been teaching the Qur’an for 35 years and has over a 1000 students. Many of his students are now Imams and are teaching the Qur’an actively worldwide. Its aims are to assist present and future generations of Muslims to preserve and safeguard Islam in their lives, to facilitate a greater understanding and awareness of the teachings of Islam and to educate people from all walks of life, especially young Muslims, in all aspects of their spiritual and religious development.
The Society provides a multitude of services to achieve these aims and to cater for the diverse and unique needs of Muslims living in the United Kingdom and throughout the World in the likes of Asia, Africa, and females; publications; distribution of Quranic and Islamic texts, awareness seminars and relief work are all ways in which the Society currently serves the public.

Throughout the years, the Society has targeted its activities primarily at the Muslim youth, who traditionally lacked access to Islamic services. Via its various schemes the Society continues to strive to help new generations of Muslims channel their energies and capabilities appropriately, enabling young people to become assets for society as a whole.


The society currently has five institutes running in the U.K and Pakistan and its vision is to expand and establish institutes worldwide.

17 Jul 2018 (CE), (AH)
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